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“All of the products we use we make sure we can stand behind them because they reflect us, and I know Duraflo stands behind their warranty.”

Mike Short, Hymask Roofing

At Duraflo, innovation is at the core of everything we do and every product we design and manufacture—which is why Duraflo has earned an industry-wide reputation for reliable and easy-to-install roof ventilation products for roofers and custom home builders with a reputation to maintain.

The Duraflo name is relied upon by roofing professionals who take pride in their work, who want their customers to be happy for years to come, and who don’t want to be called back after a snow, rain or hailstorm.

For homeowners, Duraflo ventilation products are designed to extend the life of shingles, protect attics from weather infiltration and to look aesthetically pleasing on the home’s exterior. Contact a member of the Duraflo team today to learn how PROTurbo and PROVentilator roof vent products can save your business valuable money and time.

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Our team aims to solve the problems facing our customers today. Find out why so many roofing professionals rely on Duraflo.

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