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“One of the biggest reasons we use Duraflo vents is the level of support over the number of years that we’ve been in business.”

Wes Cheyney, Great Canadian Roofing

Designed with our unique WeatherPRO® Technology, the PROVentilator offers a trouble-free, high-performance attic ventilation system that protects the home from weather infiltration, moisture and heat damage. The patent pending PROVentilator features an architecturally designed large top cap improving the appearance of the roofline. Engineered with the contractor in mind, the lightweight, durable construction and pivoting pitch adjustment system are designed to simplify the installation process saving both time and money.

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The chimney style design allows the PROVentilator to harness wind energy and create pressure variances that powerfully draw air out from within the attic space.

Duraflo industry-leading WeatherPRO series PROVentilator roof vents feature:

  • WeatherPRO® patented internal baffles deflect water and snow, allowing it to drain harmlessly out the drainage openings
  • Available in 3 Tier, 2 Tier and 1 Tier Models
  • 3 Tier model vents 1000-1200 sq. ft. (approx.), 2 Tier model vents 400-500 sq. ft. (approx.), 1 Tier model vents 200-300 sq. ft. (approx.)
  • Net free area ranges from 48 sq. in to 130 sq. in.
  • Made from UV resistant polypropylene
  • Available in: black, brown, weatherwood, and gray
  • Offers a 35-year warranty
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The Duraflo line of products is meant for roofers who take pride in their work, who want their customers to be happy for years to come. To find out how PROTurbo and PROVentilator products can save your business money and time, contact a member of the Duraflo team today.

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